Innovative Conservation Techniques for Small Business


A lot of successful businesses have been using the same old tricks of the trade for centuries. However, there is a point where the old no longer represents the best way to get things done. This is a time when innovation takes over, and your future as a small business becomes much brighter if you learn new tricks. However, there used to be a problem to this line of thinking.

“This country was founded on innovation,” says Paul Wheaton, one of the premier permaculture mavens, and comical host of the website, “However, unless you are a company like Apple, innovation is not allowed.” This statement is true when you consider many of the innovative ideas in the world that have yet to be signed off by the government as safe, legal, and effective. None-the-less, this does not mean that there isn’t a fair share of legal innovation available today.

Sustainability is about finding ways for living together. Not just the people, but the environment as well. It’s an ecosystem, where we need to take care of it as much or more than we take from it. Certain aspects such as land conservation don’t get the attention or headlines they deserve, until it’s too late. Without protecting our resources, we’ll deplete one of our greatest assets. In the long run this costs more for business, the economy, and puts future generations at risk.

Small businesses are in the perfect position to begin supporting the technology that may not yet have mainstream popularity. There are gyms popping up around North America with the capability to allow their customers to help power a portion of the facility. The same kind of power can also help to power small office devices via a kinetic energy collection device, such as a rocking office chair, etc.

Today’s hand held devices also enable small business owners to utilize power friendly outlets, such as the Advanced Wireless Appliance Manager by Oregon Scientific. This enables you to monitor all electrical outlets used around the office to help pinpoint energy hogs, which may point to an old or malfunctioning machine. And speaking of machines, even the computers in your office can run more efficiently with some aid from the Biostar Green Power Utility Interface (or equivalent).

On a larger scale is the SMIT Solar Ivy panels, which are solar collecting panels that look decorative on your office building, but can help power a good portion of your office necessities. However, all these innovations require one important factor… you.

From the furthest corners of Latin America to across the United States and all across the globe, this is an international concern.

If the government fails to regulate industries in the future, we are not going to see the major changes that are needed to foster clean air and clean drinking water. Team up with conversation groups, learn about today’s newest innovation and how it can help improve the way your business is run. The path to sustainability begins with your commitment. The commitment to phase out nuclear, coal, and oil. Renewable Energy is a win-win for every business owner, because the more you aid in the environments health, the more you safeguard the future economy.

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