Enviromental Conservation Is Just Good Business


I’ve always has an interest in the environment, ever since I learned how things like conservation impact our lives. It goes far deeper than most realize, and can affect us in life, business, and overall quality of life.

If you consider if their was no water or land conservation, a number of food options might be depleted. This could mean that transporting from another region adds to the overall cost, and ends up costing you more in the end for your fish or vegetables or whatever. Environmental quality clearly impacts us at different points, and can actually wind up being more expensive when irreversible situations occur.

Conservation can also have an impact on quality of life within urban settings as well, such as the positive influence that the provision of parks and open spaces provides.

Surprisingly, rural and urban development can have an impact that isn’t easily recognized. For example, natural rainfall generally seeps into the ground and replenishes the water table. But with large expanses that are impervious, such as malls, parking lots, roadways and housing complexes change the natural balance. Water is dumped into storm drains which are dispensed to streams or rivers. The large sudden volume increases peak flow velocity and degrades stream channels, as well as erodes banks and the stream bottom. Overall, this increases water and that affects the natural habitat as well as its occupants.

Proper planning and zoning can regulate or reduce damage such as this to mitigate environmental disasters that could have a community reeling for years.

Sustainability and conservation is about balancing a growing community or economy while protecting the environment. In the end, businesses and communities come out ahead.

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